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If you’re looking for an experienced and locally trusted team that provide marble polishing and restoration in Dubai, talk to the team at A to Z Maintenance today to find out how we can bring your marble floors back to life. We’ve been providing marble restoration in Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai & UAE areas since 2009, successfully restoring marble floors in both domestic and commercial properties.

As we’re accredited by Safe Contractor and Check-a-Trade, you can rest assured that when you choose A to Z Maintenance as your marble cleaning company, you’re going to be provided with a first class service from a reputable and professional contractor. And, most importantly, you’re going to see great results.

Marble grinding

Done with specialist grinding machines with planetary action Grinding is the process of levelling the surface of the stone removing “lips” and other unevenness. Grinding is mainly required when your marble floors haven’t been ground flat at the installation stage and “lippage” (difference in level between adjacent tiles) is present.

If the lippage isn’t removed, then at the polishing stage there will be the so called “picture frame” effect where the polishing segments are skipping over the raised points of the tile leaving the adjacent low points un-touched. Grinding is a slow process and it can be messy which is why we always take our time to protect walls, kitchen units and anything else that can potentially get spoiled by splashes.

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Marble honing

Honing is the process of smoothing the stone with the use of less aggressive abrasives where the scratches left from grinding are removed and the stone is given a nice and smooth finish.

Honing is normally achieved with the use of diamond abrasives attached to the bottom of a mono rotary floor machine. Honing leaves the marble floor with matt finish or very little sheen with some stones.

Marble sealing

Sealing of marble walls and floors is art on its own. Marble floors can be effectively protected from staining through the use of various sealers, waxes, polishes and other protective coatings. Understanding these coatings, what they are designed for and what stone types they are suitable for, plays an imperative role in the successful sealing of natural stone.

Another important aspect of stone floor sealing is the correct method of application to reach the maximum potential of the stone sealer. We do not recommend the use of topical sealers on marble floors as they form a layer on the stone surface not allowing it to “breath” which can lead to all sorts of problems.

At A to Z Maintenance, we will only ever use impregnating (penetrating) sealers as our preferred choice which doesn’t change the natural look of your stone floors while allowing them to “breathe properly”. Post sealer application, we can add a “Dressing” to manage the floor look or to simply add extra protection to the floor. With your marble floors being sealed and treated with a wax coating, daily maintenance becomes a breeze.

Fully Comprehensive 12-Step Marble Restoration Process:

  1. Survey– we will conduct a survey where the stone is identified and a demonstration will be carried out to give you a fair expectations of the end results.
  2. Masking– on the day we start work by carefully masking up all surroundings to protect your walls and items of furniture from splashes.
  3. Vacuum cleaning– all loose dirt and particles are vacuumed away.
  4. Cleaning– cleaning solution of our choice is applied and worked into your stone floor to loosen the dirt.
  5. Extraction– slurry is recovered using commercial grade wet-vacuum machines.
  6. No 5 may be repeated if necessary.
  7. Grinding / Honing / Polishing– we start the restoration process at the level that reflects the current state of your marble floor and working our way up through diamond abrasives until we reach your desired level of shine.
  8. Rinse– once the desired level of shine is achieved, the stone is rinsed out once again and left to dry.
  9. Sealing– the marble floor is sealed 1-2 days later with high quality impregnating (penetrating sealant). Please note that we wouldn’t undertake the work if we won’t be sealing it as our work ethic simply doesn’t allow us to leave a stone floor un-sealed.
  10. Floor finish– we can apply a stone wax of your choice (mat, satin or high gloss) to add mechanical protection to your marble floor.
  11. Clearing– All masking materials are removed and floor is given a final vacuum.
  12. Walk through.


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